Diabetes and mental health

I think many people underestimate the mental aspect of having diabetes. How you manage it (once you get the hang of it) is really not extremely difficult. What’s hard is the frustration of calculating carbs at every meal, underestimating the amount of insulin to give yourself (even slightly) and feeling like shit as you run high for the rest of the day, or not getting a good nights sleep because you’re dealing with low blood sugars. You can do everything to achieve perfect blood sugars but every once in awhile you will get a low or high blood sugar and I think that causes some people to just feel hopeless and give up. Diabetes can so easily control your thoughts and emotions and I don’t believe anyone without diabetes quite understands that. This isn’t supposed to be a negative rant, just what I believe is a very realistic opinion. You hear all these model diabetics proclaim, “Diabetes doesn’t control me, I control my diabetes!” This is a wonderful motto and something everyone should strive for. But realistically, diabetes is a condition that does take up a large part of your life, what matters is how you respond to this, negatively or positively. You can beat yourself up over every little glucose reading and how you’re managing your readings or you can just say, "You know, what I’m dealing with isn’t easy. I’m doing the best I can. What can I do better?" And proceed to do so. <3 

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